PEBL has successfully completed the installation of 4  brand new picnic tables and 2 park benches in Moor Rd park. This project was inspired by the success of the 12 benches we strategically placed around the perimeter of the Prospect Estate 2 years ago as well as the unanimously positive resident feedback collated during PEBL’s Community Consultation. The seats we placed around the estate’s perimeter gave our elderly and other residents regular ‘pitstops’ so they could get ‘out and about’( and especially has this been appreciated during the pandemic/lockdowns.)

This new seating in Moor Rd Park will be a valuable addition to the incredible facilities already in the park that PEBL is proud to have been a big part of making happen: the multi-use games area, the pump track, adult exercise equipment and the children’s ‘Pirate’ playground. It has been great seeing Moor Rd Park ‘buzzing’ with activity and excitement as seen during the summer months.  While these facilities are clearly being greatly utilised and enjoyed by so many from the Prospect estate and surrounding areas, the elderly and vulnerable members of our community have had nowhere to sit or rest in Moor Rd (and there were no available funds or plans to install seating). Families and older people were having to sit on the grass, and some were even seen struggling to stand up again. PEBL listened to the Community and addressed this. After our 2020 resident consultation, the PEBL Partnership voted unanimously to make this project in Moor Rd Park happen( as well as 2 further seats along the Brook towards Blunden Park.)

The seating is made of Timberpol which will not chip, rot, corrode and never needs painting. It is superb for weather resistance, UV stabilised and is self-coloured so great for minor scratches etc. We obviously gave much consideration to potential anti-social behaviour too. It is noteworthy that of the 12 benches, we had already installed in the area (and there was a privately installed additional bench in Moor Rd bringing the number to 13) there have been Zero reports/complaints of anti-social behaviour relating to the seats since their installation. A statistic that we have found both somewhat surprising and extremely encouraging especially when you consider that none of them are in sight of CCTV cameras like these new additions in Moor Rd and Blunden park.

We hope the seating in Moor Rd Park and along the Brook will be here for many years to come and be a lasting legacy and testament to what local residents can accomplish by coming together with a little hard work, determination and a heartfelt desire to benefit others in the Community. We look forward to seeing the seating enjoyed and hope that it will provide opportunities to bring people together as well as create new opportunities for all in the Community to come and enjoy Moor Rd Park.