Money Advice

We helped lots of people save money and become debt free with our Money Advice service between April 2016 and December 2020.

As of January 2020, if you are in need of Money Advice, please visit:

  • I am feeli so much better now I am getting help with my debts. The money advice service helped me organise everything and find a way forward without judging me. I know what to do to get back on track and feel much more positive about the future’ (DM, Prospect resident and Vivid tenant)
  • ‘I would never have managed the forms by myself which could have stopped my benefits. The support made it easy to understand what was needed and made it more straightforward’ (JB, Vivid resident)
  • ‘It’s really good that such knowledgeable help is available locally as it makes it easy to get to’ (PB, Prospect resident and Vivid tenant)
  • ‘I didn’t think it would be so easy to save so much money and would not have thought of doing it myself so your advice was really helpful’ (EM, Prospect resident and Vivid tenant)
  • ‘I was told by the job centre that I couldn’t get any benefits because my partner is working. It was only after I spoke to the money advice service I found out about contribution based benefits and that I could claim them anyway. I would not have known otherwise. Such a brilliant service!’ (DH, Prospect resident)
  • ‘I prefer coming here as you are so kind and understanding’ (JH, Farnborough resident)