Unsafe to Safe

We ran an Unsafe to Safe program from March 2016 to September 2018 to help 35 vulnerable young people aged 13 to 25 get on the road to safety and happiness!

Here are some of the changes which happened:

  • Supported 8 young people to pursue musical careers
  • Worked with a former gang leader to run workshops telling young people the dangers of the drug dealing world
  • Helped a young person to do an agricultural college apprenticeship to pursue his dream of working in horticulture
  • Supported a young person to set up a landscaping business
  • Encouraged young people to try new things and visit new places, eg horseriding, countryside walks and meals
  • Helped a young person access disability riding lessons which helped her confidence and self-esteem
  • Helped a young person reduce their alcohol misuse which helped them get better GCSE results
  • Helped young people with anger management issues which reduced their risk of youth offending
  • Helped young people improve their relationships to be able to stay in the family home
  • Helped a young person gain a place at Farnborough Tech so as to have a better chance of getting job in the future
  • Engaged with mental health services to help reduce the risk of self harm and depression
  • Helped a young person join a football club to reduce his anger management issues
  • Developed supportive relationships with parents of young people to reduce their risk of homelessness
  • Ran sports and social activities to reduce antisocial behaviour
  • Helped young people rebuild garden areas in the local community