We love to tell people the good news of what PEBL’s all about! There’s lots happening and we want to make sure that people know what’s going on! This includes:


The PEBL Community Consultation 2020

As PEBL moved into the second half of its Big Local tenure to ensure that our direction is based on what residents actually want and that PEBL is listening to the ‘voice of the estate, we undertook a Community Consultation. This was a huge challenge due to the COVID 19 situation but we were thrilled to get over 200 responses. We delivered a printed version of the survey to all 2000 houses in the PEBL area and contacted residents through a variety of digital platforms, social media and even some socially distanced face to face contact. We were able to get the views of 208 residents (3.5% of the estate population), which compares well to the 244 consulted in PEBL’s original 2014 survey.



PEBL’s written a number of newsletters and we deliver these to all 2,000 households on the Prospect Estate!



The PEBL website’s a great way to find out more about PEBL, learn what’s happening and how you can get involved.



The PEBL Facebook page has updates on what’s on in the PEBL world!  It allows people to comment and is a great way for us to keep in touch.


What’s On at the Prospect Centre Booklet

We’re putting together a booklet of all the exciting activities that take place in the Prospect Centre. There’s something going on every day! Whether it’s the PEBL Internet cafe, Skills Cafe or Money Advice; the Friday walking club, or youth group, there are activities for young and old!


Farnborough News and Mail

We’ve had a number of write-ups on our PEBL events and activities covered by the Farnborough News and Mail. These guys are great at helping get the word out what’s going on.


PEBL Roundabout

For the past three years PEBL have sponsored the roundabout as you come in to the Prospect Estate. We want to be a visible presence on the estate and are proud to sponsor the roundabout for all to see!




PEBL Promotion day

PEBL banner outside Prospect Centre

PEBL sponsors the Cherrywood roundabout