The Environment Theme is about improving the physical environment as well as the image and reputation of the Prospect Estate.


PEBL Bench Project

PEBL had 12 seating benches installed on the Prospect Estate throughout 2019 and 2020. The benches have proved to be a valuable addition to the Prospect Estate as they have enabled some of the less mobile on the Estate the opportunity to get out and about. The 12 benches are being used and enjoyed by residents of all ages and much positive feedback has been received. We are sure that the benches will continue to be enjoyed for many years to come. The bench locations were carefully selected as regular rest points for both residents and visitors as they walk around the Estate.

In early 2022, PEBL also successfully completed the installation of 4 brand new picnic tables and an additional 2 park benches in Moor Rd park.



PEBL Tree Project

The PEBL Tree Project identified trees that present the greatest nuisance and carried out removals or pruning . This project also planted trees to replace those removed.  These new trees have been positioned in the right place using the right species to help create a sustainable treescape in harmony with the built environment for future generations living in the Prospect Estate. Read more here >



Moor Road Children’s Playground

Playground and exercise equipment were installed in Moor Rd park during 2020.  Children can be seen daily using and enjoying these brand new facilities. PEBL is proud to have been involved in helping make this resident vision a reality and are sure that many happy childhood memories are currently being made there.



PEBL sponsored the Cherrywood roundabout

PEBL sponsored the roundabout as you come in to the Prospect Estate from 2015 – 2018. We let everyone know of our presence on the estate and were proud to sponsor the roundabout for all to see!



Gym equipment

During 2020 as part of PEBL’s ongoing plans to develop a fitness trail along Cove Brook pathway towards Moor Park, PEBL installed outdoor fitness machines for all to use. This is part of a wider exciting plan for the continued development of Moor Road park. This includes a BMX/pump track(which opened in March 2021), a multiuse games area, a children’s playground, youth shelter, picnic/barbecue area, skate park, perimeter bike skills course and improved car parking. This plan is being developed by Rushmoor Borough Council and is being funded by a number of different bodies, including PEBL. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates!


PEBL Signage


In 2019 We installed three robust ‘Welcome to the Prospect Community’ signs at the entrances of the estate. The artwork on the signs was drawn by local children. The signs can can be seen by the roundabout, opposite the BP Garage and by the entrance of Caswell Close opposite Giffard Drive. Read more here >


PEBL Best Front Garden

We ran an annual PEBL Best Front Garden competition between 2015 – 2018 to encourage residents to take a little extra pride in their surroundings. The competition ran in conjunction with Rushmoor in Bloom. The winner was presented their award at at the Rushmoor in Bloom annual ceremony at the Princes Hall.



Prospect Estate Environment Survey

In 2016 we commissioned SHAPE landscape consultants to do an environment survey of the Prospect Estate and come up with a development masterplan of possible options for the estate.



Outdoor Table Tennis Table


In 2015, in consultation with young people from the Prospect Estate, PEBL put in a concrete outdoor table tennis table at Water Lane Park. We held a table tennis tournament in August 2015 with many young people taking part!




PEBL Bench Project


The Tree Project


Having fun at the Moor Rd playground

Sponsoring the roundabout

Welcome to the Prospect Community

2015 Table Tennis Tournament