The Environment Theme is about improving the physical environment as well as the image and reputation of the Prospect Estate.


Outdoor Table Tennis Table

In 2015, in consultation with young people from the Prospect Estate, PEBL put in a concrete outdoor table tennis table at Water Lane Park. We held a table tennis tournament in August 2015 with many young people taking part!


Prospect Estate Environment Survey

In 2016 we commissioned SHAPE landscape consultants to do an environment survey of the Prospect Estate and come up with a development masterplan of possible options for the estate.


Improving Signage

Resulting from the environment survey, we’re aiming to improve signage around the estate. The Prospect Estate can be somewhat of a maze even for those of us who have lived here for many years! More robust and clear signage at the entrances of the estate is currently being looked at.


Fitness Trial

PEBL’s looking to develop a Fitness Trial along Cove Brook pathway towards Moor Park, with fitness machines designed for all to use. This is part of a wider exciting plan for development of Moor Road park to include a BMX/pump track, multiuse games area, playground, youth shelter, picnic/barbecue area, skate park, outdoor gym, perimeter bike skills course and improved car parking. This plan is being developed by Rushmoor Borough Council and will be funded by a number of different bodies, including PEBL. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates!


PEBL Roundabout

For the past three years PEBL have sponsored the roundabout as you come in to the Prospect Estate. We want to be a visible presence on the estate and are proud to sponsor the roundabout for all to see!


PEBL Signage

The three signs will be strategically placed at the roundabout junction of Cherrywood Road and Prospect Avenue, on Mayfield Road. Read more here >


PEBL Tree Project

PEBL tree pruning, removal and replacement project. Read more here >



PEBL sponsors the Cherrywood roundabout

MCP Spring Clean

PEBL outdoor table tennis table

Spring comes to the Prospect Estate