Getting Around

The Getting Around Theme was about addressing issues around transport and infrastructure, together with influencing parking development and movement around the Prospect Estate.


Public Meeting to address Parking Issues

In early 2018 PEBL held a public meeting for residents to hear from the Council and had the opportunity to ask questions about what’s being done to address parking issues.


Increasing Evening Bus Services

While the PEBL Community Plan was being put together in 2014, one of the proposed actions to increase evening bus services on the estate was implemented by Stagecoach, the local bus company with the ever popular Prospect Estate Yoyo Bus service! This was partly due to PEBL’s communication of resident’s feedback.


We’ll continue to support residents and influence decision makers to bring improvements to the Prospect Estate so that people feel they can move around the estate safely and confidently.



Yo-yo bus outside the Prospect Community Centre

BP Garage at the gateway to the Prospect Estate