Young people

PEBL recognises that young people are the future, and as such some of PEBL’s project plans have been specifically developed for young people.


Runways End Outdoor Centre

In July 2017, PEBL gave a grant to enable 12 young people aged between 11 – 17 years from the Prospect Estate Friday Night Youth Club to go on a day trip to Runway’s End Outdoor Centre in Aldershot. They took part in outdoor activity sessions in archery, raft building and outdoor climbing. They also participated in an interactive workshop to raise awareness about drugs and alcohol. It was a great day and all young people gave positive feedback.



Cherrywood Primary School

in 2020, PEBL gave a grant for food hampers and stationery packs to Cherrywood Community Primary School. We also replenished the Cherrywood School’s book supply as they had been given to the students to take home during the lockdown in 20/21. PEBL also paid for the School’s online learning software packages to enhance their learning during this difficult time for students.



Oak Farm Charity Pre-School

PEBL gave a grant to keep Oak Farm pre-school going through 2020. The pre-school’s 26 children that are helped to learn though play and were given food and play packs to help with their development funded by PEBL.



CF Play Youth Club

In early 2020 PEBL funded a Youth Club where children and young people were given a safe space to relax with friends and make new ones. They learned to cook different meals, used computer consoles, arts and crafts, toys, games, sports equipment. These young people were also given a safe space to talk through any problems/worries including school, bullying and puberty.



Moor Rd Playground

PEBL worked with Rushmoor Borough Council to provide playground and exercise equipment on Moor Rd park that opened to the Public in 2020. The playground has been a huge hit with local children with families travelling from all over to enjoy this state of the art destination playground.  PEBL is proud to have been involved in helping make this resident vision a reality and are sure that many happy childhood memories are currently being made there.


Improve Reading at School

PEBL bought a selection of key stage 2 banded reading books for Grange Junior school. The reading scheme books have been carefully written to support children as they learn to read. The new books provided greater genres of reading material and help the children retain their interest and enjoyment in reading.



Lulworth Cove Educational Visit

We gave a grant toward the cost of a coach for local children to visit Lulworth Coast as part of their Geography curriculum. Activities included rock pooling, paddling in the sea and enjoying the Dorset Coast. The trip provided an opportunity for children that would not normally get such an opportunity and was enjoyed by all.



Unsafe to Safe

The PEBL Unsafe to Safe program from March 2016 to September 2018 was funded to help 35 vulnerable young people aged 13 to 25 to get on the road to safety and happiness.





After School Reading Club

PEBL’s After School Reading Club for children aged 5 to 11 years from Cherrywood School was run by PEBL Volunteers every Thursday during term time at the Prospect Community Centre from 2017 to 2019. The Club provided local children with valuable one on one reading practice in a relaxed and warm environment.



Outdoor Table Tennis Table and Table Tennis Tournament

In 2015, in consultation with young people from the Prospect Estate, PEBL put in a concrete outdoor table tennis table at Water Lane Park. We held a table tennis tournament in August 2015 with many young people taking part!




Local children overcome fears and scale the wall at Runways End



PEBL table tennis Tournament


Fun at the Playground

Craft activities at PEBL Family Fun Day

PEBL smoothie bike at MCP Sports Day